Your Personal Suncoach

Meet Raymio

Raymio has developed state of the art technology that easily allows you to plan your day in the sun! The Raymio app will give you personalised information and give you timely notice when you are passing our safety limites.


Plan Your Day

Do you know when you will get red?


Learn how long you can stay in the sun, and let Raymio help you stay Sunsafe.


Tell Raymio which environment you plan on being in for precise calculations.


Get notified when it is time to put on sun screen, seek shade or get out of the sun for the day!


Add your friends and family to your account.

Skin Type

Raymio is personalised sun protection uses your skin type to give the most exact guidance.


Explore new locations and learn about differences in UV across countries.

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And did you check out our Raymio bands?

LED Indicator

Raymio lets you know when its time to get out of the sun with an LED indicator.


The Raymio wristband is waterproof down to three meters.

360 ° Protection

The Raymio algorithm provides you with 360 ° protection so you don’t have to worry about getting burned.

Real Time Tracking

With the Raymio wristband you can track your sun exposure in real time.